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Coventry High SchoolCoventry High School

Police, AG tell Coventry students: It can wait (Kent County Times 3/20/18)
In a Backyard Far, Far Away (Kent County Times 3/1/18)
Alumni aid Oaker groups (Kent County Times 2/20/18)
Gift of Gears (Kent County Times 1/21/18)
Freeze Frame (Kent County Times 12/9/17)
'Heathers' in Coventry (Kent County Times 12/7/17)
Coventry Pride and Joy (Kent County Times 10/30/17)
She's All Class (Kent County Times 10/27/17)
Coventry High School English teacher wins 'Oscar of Teaching' (Projo 10/26/17)
Principal wants to start Oaker road race (Kent County Times 8/17/17)
'Remember to dream' (Kent County Times 6/9/17
Oakers Take the Stage (Kent County Times 6/8/17)
Five graduate from CHS career and tech center (Kent County Times 6/7/17)
School to add new advanced courses (Kent County Times 5/15/17)
Canada Bound (Kent County Times - April Vacation)
Encore, encore! (Kent County Times 4/11/17)
High drama (Kent County Times 3/7/17)
Good Sports (Kent County Times 3/2/17)
Coventry honors former athletes (Kent County Times 2/17)
Engineering program gets boost (Kent County Times 1/3/17)
It's the 'Q' on everyone's minds (Kent County Times 12/7/16)
Lunch is served at Coventry High School (Kent County Times 11/17/16)
Standards in flux (Kent County Times 11/15/16)
CHS students will be offered computer science courses (Kent County Times 11/11/16)
5 honored as CHS HoFers (Kent County Times 10/12/16)
Life or death decision (Kent County Times 10/7/16)
Coventry HS teacher attends 9/11 workshop (Kent County Times 7/27/16)
Oakers Out (Kent County Times 6/9/16)
Ryan Center Goes Red & White (Kent County Times 6/8/16)
Coventry career ctr. teaming with RWU (Kent County Times 5/21/16)
Coventry students ready to show skills (Kent County Times 5/14/16)
No Junior Achievement (Kent County Times 5/13/16)
Curtains Going Up Again (Kent County Times 4/8/16)
Premiere Puts Face on Profiles (Kent County Times 3/1/16)
Write Tight & Get Read (Kent County Times) 1/18/16)
Making Sense of it All (Kent County Times 1/11/16)
Means to an End (Kent County Times 1/9/16)
A challenge worth taking (Kent County Times 12/22/15)
American classic staged at CHS (Kent County Times 11/12/15)
Hobin talks graduation requirements (Kent County Times 11/11/15)
Fab Five into Coventry Hall (Kent County Times 11/5/15)
Banking on Business (Kent County Times 11/3/15)
Former Patriot Speaks at CHS
(Kent County Times 10/8/15)
Oaker's Big Weekend (Kent County Times 9/18/15)
Teachers Get A's at CHS (Kent County Times 8/12/15)
Summer Ceremony (Kent County Times 8/1/15)
With program no longer grounded, JROTC has busy summer (Kent County Times 6/26/15)
A Night to Remember (Kent County Times 6/19/15)
Oakers Turn Tassels (Kent County Times 6/17/15)
Valedictorian, salutatorian keep it together (Kent County Times 6/16/15)
Legacy of kindness alive at CHS (Kent County Times 6/8/15)
Coventry High on the path to wellness (Kent County Times 6/4/15)
Leading Ladies (Kent County Times 6/1/15)
CHS dancers wow judges at RIC (Kent County Times 3/26/15)
Remembering a dark epoch (Kent County Times 3/25/15)
CHS Artists Work for Art Space (Kent County Times 3/24/15)
Cadets help raise funds, awareness for RI vets (Kent County Times 3/3/15)
Congressman pays visit to Coventry High club (Kent County Times 2/24/15))
A Debt of Gratitude (Kent County Times 2/7/15)
Coventry High coming closer to fully wireless (Kent County Times 1/19/15)
Community Night Comes to CHS (Kent County Times 1/16/15)
Auger Walk Again a Success (Kent County Times 1/6/15)
Buddy System works at CHS (Kent County Times 12/22/14)
Top teacher tells tales of trip to China (Kent County Times 12/3/14))
'Buddies' System at CHS (Kent County Times 11/27/14)
Drill Team Defending Home Turf (Kent County Times 11/22/14)
Oaker Opening - Walter C. Clarke Atheltic Complex Ribbon-Cutting (Kent County Times 11/21/14)
Coventry will cut ribbon on new Clarke Athletic Complex (Kent County Times 11/18/14)
CHS drama brings familiar tale to stage (Kent County Times 11/12/14)
Google Summit coming to Coventry High (Kent County Times 10/3/14)
Oakers in Elite Club (Kent County Times 9/29/14)
AP classes improve in Coventry (Kent County Times 7/28/14)
Open House shows AFJROTC cadets, leaders will push on (Kent County Times 7/2/14)
Words of Wisdom (Kent County Times 6/9/14)
After 4 years of work, friends ready to move on (Kent County Times 6/7/14)
Exchange student loved her time with Oakers (Kent County Times 6/6/14)
Oakers All About Alumni (Kent County Times 4/23/14)
Love, Broadway Style (Kent County Times 3/29/14)
Still Skilled (Kent County Times 3/28/14)
Goal-Oriented: Head Oaker's Trip to Dominican Republic an Eye-Openener for All (Kent County Times 2/10/14)
CHS teacher recognized by RI Forest Conservator's Organization (Kent County Times 2/4/14)
A First-Class Second Class (Kent County Times 1/29/14)
Coventry Athletic Hall of Fame ready to welcome six more (Kent County Times 1/25/14)
CHS Teacher, Brad Pingley, Earns Golden Apple Award ( 1/14/14)
Any Questions? (Kent County Times 1/11/14)
Center of Attention (Kent County Times 1/9/14)
Coventry career ctr. ready for mid-week close up (Kent County Times 1/8/13)
Regional Career Center at CHS to Hold Open House ( 1/2/14)
Oakers' Hobin going on goodwill mission to D.R. (Kent County Times 12/23/13))
Coventry gets into holiday spirit tonite (Kent County Times 12/11/13)
Coventry High School Graduation Rate Increases, Dropouts Decline ( 11/26/13)
CHS Varsity Revue (Kent County Times 11/21/13)
The Miracle Worker (Kent County Times 11/14/13)
Upgrades at Career Center (Kent County Times 11/13/13)
Attorney General Visits CHS To Tell Students It Can Wait (Kent County Times 11/1/13)
AG Kilmartin to Bring 'Txting & Driving - It Can Wait' Campaign to Coventry High School ( 10/31/13)
Coventry High School 2013 Homecoming Weekend Highlights ( 10/29/13)
RI High School Principal of the Year Michael Hobin Honored In DC ( 10/21/13)
CHS' Hobin Goes to Washington (Kent County Times 10/10/13)
Sweet Sy-Stem (Kent County Times 10/5/13)
CHS Woodshop Instructor Named High School, District Teacher of the Year ( 10/2/13)
Coventry High School JROTC Unit Celebrates 40th Anniversary ( 9/20/13)
Summer Graduates Take the Stage in Coventry ( 8/13/13)
Oakers Out (Kent County Times 8/10/13)
CHS Class of 2013 Closes One Chapter, Opens Countless More ( 7/24/13)
A (Second) Chance of a Lifetime (Kent County Times 7/1/13)
20 CHS Graduates Honored With Oaker Awards ( 6/17/13)
CHS Class of 2013 Closes One Chapter, Opens Countless More ( 6/15/13)
Con-grad-ulations (Kent County Times)
Meet CHS 2013 Salutatorian: Ashley Ginda ( 6/14/13)
Meet CHS Valedictorian: Jennifer Haley ( 6/11/13)
It Just Clicked (Kent County Times 6/8/13)
Intelligent Design (Kent County Times 5/21/13)
CHS to Mingle Art History, Music, Dance and More at Unified Arts Night ( 5/23/13)
A Unifying Force (Kent County Times 5/2/13)
CHS Principal Hobin Named RI High School Principal of the Year ( 4/26/13)
Coventry Students to Participate At Construction Career Day ( 4/24/13)
CHS Literacy Teacher Awarded Crystal Apple ( 4/22/13)
100 CHS seniors get help paying for college at scholarship night (Kent County Times 4/13/13)
They've Got Skills (Kent County Times 4/1/13)
CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame Inductee: Mary Ann Cantino ( 3/25/13)
Lima-Boyle Shares Insight on Education and Teaching ( 3/25/13)
Almost There (Kent County Times 3/23/13)
CHS will induct five into second class of Alumni Hall of Fame (Kent County Times 3/21/13)
CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame Inductee: James F. Bell III ( 3/21/13)
Culinary Students Prepare 3,000 Cupcakes for RI Hospital Anniversary (  3/18/13)
CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame Inductee: Ted Szymkowicz ( 3/18/13)
CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame Inductee: John H. Ball ( 3/13/13)
CHS Alumni Association Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr. Kate McCarthy-Barnett ( 3/13/13)
CHS Students Build 'DAWG HAUS' for FEMA/RIEMA Outreach Program ( 2/19/13)
In the Dawg Haus (Kent County Times 2/15/13)
CHS Educator Mapping Out a Plan (Kent County Times 2/15/13)
CHS Teacher Chosen for GIS, Remote Sensing Workshop ( 1/25/13)
CHS to Host Third Annual Community Night ( 1/15/13)
Open house a chance for Coventry CTC to show what it has to offer (Kent County Times 1/9/13)
And the Winner is...Amy Cronin (Kent County Times 12/19/12)
Coventry Students Chosen for All-State Ensembles ( 12/19/12)
CHS Educator, Amy Cronin, Receives Crystal Apple Award ( 12/14/12)
School Committee Recognizes Coach of the Year, Volleyball Champs ( 12/13/12)
Coventry HS honored by CVS 5K race (Kent County Times 12/7/12)
CHS Musicians Visit Hopkins Hill for Holiday Performance ( 12/6/12)
Carpentry Students Learn Skills Through Community and Charitable Projects ( 12/3/12)
Coventry Teacher Tops in RI (Kent County Times 12/3/12)
CHS students build for Tomorrow (Kent County Times 12/1/12)
Online Pilot Program at CHS Successful So Far (Kent County Times 11/30/12)
CHS Gains Community Garden ( 11/26/12)
Culinary Arts Students Say Cooking Is For The Birds - Turkey That Is ( 11/24/12)
School Committee Views CHS Presentation ( 11/16/12)
Committee Recognizes History Teacher of the Year ( 11/15/12)
CHS Teacher Peter Stetson Recognized for Environmental Education ( 11/1/12)
CHS Student Group Gives Anti-Bullying Presentations ( 10/25/12)
[Not] Bully for Them (Kent County Times 10/25/12)
Oakers Helping Out (Kent County Times 9/19/12)
RI Career & Tech Students Attend Leadership Training Institute ( 10/10/12)
Coventry Culinary Students Cater to Local Educators (10/6/12)
Johansen Named RI History Teacher of the Year ( 10/4/12)
It Can Wait (Kent County Times 9/30/12)
AG Kilmartin Visits Coventry High School ( 9/28/12)
All fun and games (Kent County Times 9/24/12)
Oaker students making mark on landscapes (Kent County Times 9/24/12)
CHS Celebrates Homecoming Weekend ( 9/21/12)
Pair of Coventry teachers receive grants for school supplies (Kent County Times 9/21/12)
Lima Boyle: Top 10 Lessons Learned as RI ToY ( 9/12/12)
CHS Joins Online Learning Community ( 8/25/12)
CHS Joins the Twittersphere ( 8/9/12)
School Committee Appoints Five Teaching Positions ( 8/9/12)
School's out...finally! (Kent County Times 8/2/12)
CHS Senior Organizes 'Bags of Dignity' ( 8/2/12)
Passing grade for CHS AP History students (Kent County Times 7/19/12)
Cynthia Teixeira Proves French Not Passé at CHS ( 7/3/12)
Scientific Method (Kent County Times 6/30/12)
Coventry HS grad presents to Congress (Kent County Times 6/26/12)
Chance of a Lifetime (Kent County Times 6/18/12)
CHS Class of 2012 Top Ten ( 6/10/12)
22 CHS Graduates Honored With Oaker Awards ( 6/8/12)
Class of 2012 Closes One Chapter, Opens Countless More ( 6/8/12)
State Honors Three Coventry Students for Public Service ( 6/7/12)
Meet CHS 2012 Valedictorian: Malaree Shields ( 6/6/12)
Meet CHS 2012 Salutatorian: Andy Chen ( 6/5/12)
Capstone Helps CHS Junior Show Love of Music (Kent County Times 5/31/12)
Committee Views Music Education Capstone Project ( 5/23/12)
CHS Scholarship Winner Honored at Gillette Stadium ( 5/22/12)
CHS Holds National Honor Society Induction Ceremony ( 5/16/12)
Secretary of State Honors CHS Students (Kent County Times 5/16/12)
Initial Class of Inductees Left Its Mark (Kent County Times 5/15/12)
CHS Music Department Presents Spring Concert ( 5/14/12)
First Inductees Chosen for CHS Hall of Fame ( 5/14/12)
Teacher of the Year, Lima Boyle Heads to DC ( 5/10/12)
CHS Teacher Receives Gift of Education (Kent County Times 5/10/12)
Coventry student grabs second place in annual writing contest (Kent County Times 5/10/12)
Senate Recognizes CHS Hockey Team ( 5/7/12)
CHS Hosts Healthcare Event (Kent County Times 5/4/12)
RI's Teacher of the Year Takes Trip to D.C.; Meets President (Kent County Times 5/3/12)
Langevin Recognizes CHS Senior for Her History Project ( 5/2/12)
CHS English Teacher Receives Scholarship ( 5/2/12)
Some Oaker alumni will be immortalized (Kent County Times 5/1/12)
Council Recognizes Student Achievements ( 4/25/12)
Coventry is among five districts awarded grant (Kent County Times 4/23/12)
Coventry planning on virtual classes at CHS (Kent County Times 4/18/12)
CHS Seniors Net $126k in Scholarships (Kent County Times 4/14/12)
They've Got Skills (Kent County Times 4/12/12)
Virtual High School Program Presented to Committee ( 4/11/12)
Coventry Teacher Recognized Again (Kent County Times 4/10/12)
CHS Actors Put New Blood into 'Dracula" Production ( 4/4/12)
CHS Present Dracula (Kent County Times 3/29/12)
CHS Joins "One Text or Call Could Wreck It All" Campaign ( 3/21/12)
Congressman Langevin Kicks Off 'RISE Tour'  at Coventry High School ( 3/16/12)   
Closing the gap (Kent County Times 3/16/12)   
Stepping into Spring (Kent County Times 2/21/12)  
CHS students host DECA Fashion Show ( 2/17/12)    
CHS raises cash for injured vets (Kent County Times 2/15/12)   
Career Center to Host Third Annual Salon Charity Day ( 2/10/12)   
All About 'Bots (Kent County Times 2/9/12)   
Coventry HS Science Fair Concludes with Flair ( 2/7/12)   
A Coventry HS teacher explores the depth of the Mediterranean with Bob Ballard (Kent County Times 2/1/12)   
Coventry students get schooled (Kent County Times 2/1/12)   
CHS student gets Forestry Award (Kent County Times 1/25/12)   
Time to Shine (Kent County Times 1/21/12)   
CHS Class of 2016 Gets Prepped for Freshman Year ( 1/20/12)    
Community Night a Hit (Kent County times 1/20/12)   
Coventry students get a lesson (Kent County Times 1/18/12)   
A Learning Community (Kent County Times 1/17/12)   
Winners of RI High School Cyber Competition to be Honored ( 1/11/12)   
Chilling out with trout and CHS Science Teacher, Peter Stetson ( 1/10/12)   
Coventry science teacher will use award to raise trout (Kent County Times 12/29/11)    
Coventry High School Student Raises $1,658 for Make-A-Wish Foundation of Massachusetts and Rhode Island ( 12/14/11)     
Coventry High tests cyber skills (Kent County Times 12/12/11)   
Coventry HS production of "Hair" engages audience ( 12/9/11)   
Hair opens at Coventry High School (Kent County Times 12/8/11)    
Teacher of the Year goes to Coventry Educator (Kent County Times 12/2/11)   
Coventry High English Teacher Named Teacher of the Year (   
Julie Boyle named RI Educator of the Year (Projo 11/30/11)   
New regulations for Career, Tech Programs (Kent County Times 11/28/11)   
Annual SkillsUSA held for technical students (Kent County Times 11/25/11)   
Cranston mayor visits Coventry High School (Kent County Times 11/23/11)   
Coventry students explore future career choices (Kent County Times 11/19/11)   
Upgrades made to Coventry High (Kent County Times 11/16/11)   
Drug abuse forum invites parents, students (Kent County Times 11/7/11)   
'Teacher of the Year' finalist from Coventry (Kent County Times 10/25/11)   
Local student takes top art award (Kent County Times 10/5/11)   
CHS Educator Wins Teacher of the Year...Twice ( 9/16/11)   
Summer graduation at Coventry (Kent County Times 8/3/11)   
Paine House Museum gets 1830s replica well cover (Kent County Times 7/25/11)   
Coventry students learn about automotive, carpentry industries (Kent County Times 6/20/11)   
2011 Coventry High School Graduation (Kent County Times 6/17/11)   
Top Three Seniors Graduate (Kent County Times 6/15/11)   
CHS students learn about cyberbullying at Law Day (Kent County Times 5/19/11)   
Opportunities in construction are explored by students (Kent County Times 5/9/11)   
Cinderella's Closet (Kent County Times 5/6/11)   
Coventry students shine in SkillsUSA Competition 2011 (Kent County Times 5/4/11)   
Environmental Mural at Coventry High joins art, science together (Kent County Times 5/3/11)   
Learning life's lessons the hard way (Kent County Times 4/26/11)   
CHS participates in mock trial tournament (Kent County Times 3/26/11)   
Play explores teen issues (Kent County Times 3/22/11)   
Good Citizenship Award (Kent County Times 3/8/11)   
New Art program helps students interact (Kent County Times 2/22/11)   
Principal at Coventry High School participates in fitness test (Kent County Times 2/21/11)    
Ocean State Automotive Contest draws Coventry team (Kent County Times 2/14/11)   
Robotics team from Coventry competes (Kent County Times 2/10/11)   
Coventry freshman have more choices (Kent County Times 1/20/11)   
Coventry track team takes the plunge (Kent County Times 1/7/10)   
Night for incoming freshman at CHS (Kent County Times 1/6/10)    
Coventry High School establishes Alumni Association (Kent County Times 11/29/10)   
A day of beauty for cancer awareness (Kent County Times 11/15/10)   
Coventry High presents a murder-mystery-comedy (Kent County Times 11/11/10)   
Coventry High has new evaluation student evaluation policy (Kent County Times 8/23/10)   
Teachers asked to reprise speech (Kent County Times 7/22/10)   
Coventry High graduates 369 (Kent County Times 6/10/10)   
Seniors get styled by juniors (Kent County Times 6/7/10)   
Kids get early jump on career track (Kent County Times 5/11/10)   
Coventry students thrilled to be skilled (Kent County Times 5/1/10)    
CHS administrators study up (Kent County Times 4/12/10)   
School to unify arts for Wednesday showcase (Kent County Times 4/5/10)   
Students all SMILEs over new course (Kent Count Times 2/27/10)   
Crew chief gets kids fired up to follow dreams (Kent County Times 3/22/10)   
Team says robot will go the distance (Kent County Times 3/8/10)    
Tech center gets new director (Kent County Times 1/23/10)   
'Mary Ann World' ending at CHS (Kent County Times 1/20/10)    
Ready to eat with Santa (Kent County Times 12/11/09)    
CHS musician to play in Macy's Day Parade (Kent County Times 11/24/09)    
Play brings out inner superheroes (Kent County Times 11/11/09)    
CHS gets familiar assistant principal (Kent County Times 9/21/09)    
Students pass A.P. test scores in record numbers (Kent County Times 8/27/09)    
D.C. makes big impression on CHS student (Kent County Times 8/14/09)    
CHS Environthon students to try at national title (Kent County Times 722/09)    
Coventry artist discovered (Kent County Times 6/19/09)    
This is the easy part (Kent County Times 6/17/09)    
History students set for nationals (Kent County Times 6/10/09)    
CHS teen makes big impression named 'Idol' (Kent County Times 6/5/09)    
Throwing the book at summer (The Providence Journal 6/4/09)    
Roberts honors CHS senior (Kent County Times 5/22/09)    
Students hear from those who learned the hard way (Kent County Times 5/11/09)    
Students headed to national competition (Kent County Times 5/6/09)    
Cov. ROTC wins nationals again (Kent County Times 4/21/09)     
Artists unite for CHS showcase (Kent County Times 3/31/09)    
Student explain what they learn by doing (Kent County Times 3/28/09)      
Actors get special education for roles (Kent County Times 3/19/09)    
Up against a 'Beast' of a challenge (Kent County Times 3/6/09)    
Chinese educator visits RI school ( 3/3/09)    
Law & Order: Coventry High School (Kent County Times 2/19/09)     
Students revved up following contest win (Kent County Times 2/16/09)   
Coventry High auto whizzes to take on the state's best (Kent County Times 2/6/09)   
Coventry teachers organize dress drive (Kent County Times 1/24/09)   
Police look to give teachers a lesson (Kent County Times 1/21/09)   
Coventry students prepare over 200 meals for those in need (Kent County Times 11/27/08)   
Cheerleaders set the stage for unity (Kent County Times 11/25/08)   
Ready for the Annual Varsity Review (Kent County Times 11/21/2008)   
Coventry students embrace Thanksgiving by making 200 meals (The Providence Journal 11/22/08)   
Coventry High goes greaser tonight (Kent County Times 11/13/08)   
School comm. gets the good, the bad and the ugly from Coventry students (Kent County Times 11/7/08)   
You can bank on the quality of Coventry students’ art project (The Providence Journal 10/10/08)   
Marc Blevins works to rebuild New Orleans schools (Kent County Times 9/29/08)    
CHS students get worldly (Kent County Times 9/29/08)     
Coventry boy’s vision, students’ labors to benefit Tomorrow Fund (The Providence Journal 107/08)    
Coventry’s McCardle hedges his bets (Providence Journal 6/19/08)    
CHS student’s project has personal significance (Providence Journal 6/10/08)       
Car beats Coventry team (Kent County Times 5/15/08)    
An in-depth look (Providence Journal 4/2/08)    
Policymakers study Coventry High (Providence Journal 3/14/08)    
Coventry Students Show Their Research Talents (Providence Journal 3/10/08)    
CHS students compete in robotics contest (Providence Journal 3/3/08)    
Teacher has strong ties to his students (Kent County Times 11/26/07)    
Award-winning teacher uses whole outdoors as his classroom (Providence Journal 11/13/07)    
Who hates Hamlet? (Kent County Times 11/9/07)    
His favorite classroom’s the outdoors (Providence Journal 11/6/07)    
Coventry HS teacher named district's best (Kent County Times 9/11/07)    
Garden at the Washington Annex Work-Study Program (The Providence Journal 7/25/07)    
Students still have to hit the books (Kent County Times 6/22/07)    
Oakers Class of 2007 graduates (Coventry Courier 6/16/07)    
Coventry sends off the class of 2007 (Kent County Times 6/14/07)      
For top student, physics is music — and vice versa (The Providence Journal 6/14/07)    
Penny wise, and dollar wise too (Kent County Times 6/11/07)    
CHS Valedictorian: Peter Daniel Ross (Providence Journal 6/6/07)    
Building more than mailboxes (Kent County Times 5/31/07)    
You've got mailboxes (Kent County Times 5/30/07)    
A new kind of school paddling (Providence Journal 5/17/07)    
Getting in gear (Kent County Times 5/11/07)    
CHS students learn pottery-firing skill known as raku (Kent County Times 5/8/07)    
Listen to the music (Kent County Times 5/2/07)    
Students try to resolve farmer’s deer dilemma (Providence Journal 4/18/07)    
CHS students have been making history (projects) (Kent County Times 4/7/07)    
They've the got skills (Kent County Times 4/7/07)    
NEIT robot competition a 'Vexing' challenge (Kent County Times 3/30/07)    
Projects link classrooms, community (Providence Journal 3/23/07)    
CHS' teen actors are in a rite of ... Passage (Kent County Times 3/13/07)    
Pretty (Life) Smart (Kent County Times 3/6/07)    
Education is an art (Kent County Times 1/31/07)    
Student designs R.I. icon in one round inch (Kent County Times 1/20/07)    
Seventy years of accomplishment on display at CHS (Kent County Times 1/6/07)    
Coventry kids get credit for understanding credit (Kent County Times 12/16/06)     
Real world skills on display (Kent County Times 12/16/06)       
Belly dancing returning to CHS (Kent County Times 11/30/06)    
More than 100 CHS students will take the stage (Kent County Times 11/17/06)    
Coventry gets Footloose (Coventry Courier 11/13/06)    
A test of confidence (The Providence Journal 10/08/06)    
16 from Coventry High pass AP U.S. History test (Kent County Times 7/22/06)    
Coventry high graduates 397 (The Providence Journal 6/16/06)    
Students recognized for going above and beyond (Kent County Times 6/19/06)    
Sophomore sets her Capstone on literacy (Kent County Times 5/26/06)    
Coventry students connect with career paths (Kent County Times 5/08/06)    
Pros give Coventry High students a look at their work (Kent County Times 5/04/06)    
Teen devises literacy project with an exotic touch (The Providence Journal 4/26/06)    
Coventry students put their skills to the test (Kent County Times 4/22/06)    
Coventry High drill team wins 5th-straight national tourney (The Providence Journal 4/05/06)    
Special guest makes music at Coventry High (Kent County Times (3/30/06)    
High School holds National History Day contest (Kent County Times 3/25/06)
CTA Awards Close to $40,000 in Scholarships & Grants to High School Students (2006)    
Coventry High honor students taking on interesting science fare (Kent County Times 2/09/06)    
Mark Blevin's published book - Hard Sell (2006)    
Coventry as RI's leading high-schools (Coventry Courier 11/26/05)    
Michele Thompson Cross-Country Coach - State Champs!!! (Kent County Times 11/27/05)    
The Regents' Commended Schools for 2005 (The Providence Journal 11/10/05)    
'Rumors' getting laughs (Coventry Courier 11/11/05)

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