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Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry
Tiogue Elementary

Inspried to give (Kent County Times 4/17/18)
All Geared Up (Kent County Times 2/3/18)
Turkey time at Tiogue (Kent County Times 11/21/17)
Dealing with decks (Kent County Times 11/18/17)
Tiogue School's principal excited about new faces (Kent County Times 9/12/17)
Tiogue Teamwork (Kent County Times 9/9/17)
Long-time principal says goodbye to school (Kent County Times 7/24/17)
Special Recognition (Kent County Times 6/24/17)
Bring on the Summer (Kent County Times 6/14/17)
Tinkering at Tiogue (Kent County Times 3/15/17)
Tiogue Goes Old-Timey (Kent County Times)
Tiogue's King honored with 'Golden Apple' (Kent County Times 2/16/17)
Schools embrace child's play (Kent County Times 2/2/17)
Spreading Holiday Cheer (Kent County Times 11/20/16)
Political Primer: Tiogue students get lesson on elections (Kent County Times 10/26/16)
Tiogue Elementary has fun, raised funds (Kent County Times 10/24/16)
Pink Out Day at Tiogue (Kent County Times 10/15/16)
Mural artist works magic at Tiogue (Kent County Times 10/10/16)
Friends in Need (Kent County Times 6/21/16)
Tiogue 5th graders move on (Kent County Times 6/16/16)
Seitsinger tells school committee about positive effects (Kent County Times 3/13/16)
Down to a Science at Tiogue (Kent County Times 3/9/16)
A Day for Play (Kent County Times 2/5/16)
State Senator Metts teaches at Tiogue (Kent County Times 1/19/16)
Principal Achievement (Kent County Times 10/17/15)
Taters at Tiogue (Kent County Times 10/3/15)
Walk on the (Not-So-) Wild Side (Kent County Times 9/21/15)
Saying Good-Bye to Tiogue (Kent County Times 6/26/15)
Labor of Love - Tiogue's Seitsinger Named Principal of the Year (Kent County Times 5/21/15)
Lunchbox Legends (Kent County Times 5/15/15)
Tiogue kicks off Kindness and Spirit Week (Kent County Times 4/28/15)
Playing With the Principal (Kent County Times 4/14/15)
Max-ed Out For Recycling (Kent County Times 10/28/14)
Tiogue Students Jump Around (Kent County Times 3/8/14)
The Meaning of Giving: Pair Helps Give Tiogue Students Dictionaries (Kent County Times 2/28/14)
Tiogue PTA looking to keep parents involved (Kent County Times 2/25/14)
Ready for the Stage (Kent County Times 1/31/14)
Return Engagement (Kent County Times 1/17/14)
PARCC-ing Pass (Kent County Times 1/10/14)
All Work Leads to Play at Tiogue (Kent County Times 11/6/13)
Playground Promises (Kent County Times)
National Guard Soldier Gives Thanks to Tiogue Students ( 7/8/13)
Tiogue Behavior Specialist Recognized with Crystal Apple Award ( 5/29/13)
Tiogue joins in effort to help cancer patients (Kent County Times 3/22/13)
Worlds collide at Tiogue Elem. (Kent County Times 3/19/13)
Tiogue Elementary Triples Goal in Convenience Store Fundraiser (Kent County Times 2/26/13)
These Kids Care (Kent County Times 1/29/13)
Tiogue Students Send Army National Guard Care Packages ( 1/29/13)
Cumberland Farms Hosts 4-Week Fundraiser for Tiogue School ( 1/16/13)
Store teams up with Tiogue, PTA (Kent County Times 1/15/13)
Martial Arts Instructor Gives Anti-Bullying Presentation at Tiogue School ( 1/8/13)
Back Off, Bullies! (Kent County Times 1/7/13)
Tiogue's Flynn Gets Apple Award (Kent County Times 12/11/12)
Kindergarteners Get Celebrity Surprise (Kent County Times 11/12/12)
Tiogue's Ferrari Rides Off Into Sunset (Kent County Times 6/25/12)   
Planting Peace (Kent County Times 6/20/12)   
Carnival Party at Tiogue (Kent County Times 6/18/12)   
Tiogue School Dedicates Peace Garden ( 6/18/12)   
Tiogue School Staff Receives Crystal Apple ( 6/14/12)   
Tiogue Schools Holds Night of the Arts ( 6/1/12)   
Tiogue Elementary's Young Artists Show Off (Kent County Times 6/1/12)   
Coventry Students Learn Life Lessons from BMX Star ( 4/11/12)   
Tiogue Educators Share Student Progress at Committee Meeting ( 3/15/12)   
Wellness Week at Tiogue (Kent County Times 5/24/11)   
Coins add up to make a big donation from Tiogue School for leukemia (Kent County Times 5/2/11)   
Guest Reader Day in Coventry (Kent County Times 3/25/11)   
Third graders in Coventry discuss politics (Kent County Times 11/1/10)   
'Hats Off' to Principal Denise Richtarik (Killea & Poole Families - Editorial KCT 7/17/10)   
Tiogue school's 'captain' leaving (Kent County Times 6/17/10)   
Kids learn being smart means eating smart (Kent County Times 5/20/10)   
VIP's get some quality reading time (Kent County Times 4/17/10)   
Retiring teacher leaves legacy (Kent County Times 1/9/10)   
Tiogue food drive resounding success (Kent County Times 11/16/09)   
Tiogue school singled out by regents (Kent County Times 11/7/09)   
Middle School, Here We Come (Kent County Times 6/24/09)    
5th grade students celebrate Wellness Week (Kent County Times 6/2/09)    
Tiogue students launch bank bailout (Kent County Times 10/18/08)    
Tiogue hopes to see Styrofoam 'dunked' (Kent County Times 4/30/07)     
My word (Kent County Times 3/20/07)    
Coventry school gets a new image - or six (Kent County Times 11/27/06)    
It's time to light the lights (Kent County Times 11/13/06)      
'Patriotic' spirit at Tiogue (Coventry Courier 10/28/06)    
Day hits high note for Tiogue Elementary teacher (Kent County Times 5/17/06)    
Tiogue Students Find Art in Soap and Water (Kent County Times 5/16/06)    
Students learn life jacket's key word is their life (The Providence Journal 4/28/06)    
Tiogue students meet reading challenge (Kent County Times 3/10/06)    
Principal Denise Richtarik and Cheryl Ross Attended RI's Best Practice Institute (2006)  

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