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Coventry School District AdministrationCoventry School District

Coventry school officials present strategic plan (Kent County Times 2/15/18)
Schools partner with new local business BioSci (Kent County Times 1/18/18)
Local schools make strides in test scores (Kent County Times)
Welcome back: Coventry schools welcome back staff, honor district's 2017 teacher of the year (Kent County Times 8/29/17)
School department hires three new administrators (Kent County Times 8/12/17)
School board approves district staff changes (Kent County Times 7/29/17)
Teacher of the Year (Kent County Times 6/10/17)
Schoos OK over $1M for laptops (Kent County Times 5/30/17)
Schools look to make charity donations easier (Kent County Times 2/27/17)
Tech teacher gives high marks to laptop buy (Kent County Times 1/17/17)
School board eyes exchange program (Kent County Times 1/17/17)
Teacher contract extended one year (Kent County Times 9/28/16)
Coventry's Convery closing book on career (Kent County Times 6/28/16)
Coventry making strides in ELL program (Kent County Times 5/26/16)
CTA Helps Seniors Pay (Kent County Times 4/14/16)
Levis tabbed to lead Coventry school dept. (Kent County Times 2/20/16)
Coventry elementary schools awarded grants (Kent County Times 2/1/16)
Back So Soon! (Kent County Times 8/27/15)
Standards changing in Coventry's classrooms (Kent County Times 3/28/15)
Profiency-based graduation could depend on portfolio (Kent County Times 3/11/15)
Google Summit: Organizers happy with weekend (Kent County Times 3/3/15)
Working for the Weekend: Google Summit draws over 400 in education to CHS (Kent County Times 3/2/15)
Google Summit will take over Coventry for the weekend (Kent County Times 2/28/15)
ESL helping students in Coventry (Kent County Times 2/14/15)
Coventry science NECAPs on rise (Kent County Times 1/15/15)
2014 Daily Times Memorable Photos - Pictures to Prove It (Kent County Times 1/1/15)
Classrooms first, others next for school wi-fi (Kent County Times 11/29/14)
Dickson, Almeida pleased with plan's progress (Kent County Times 10/19/14)
Coventry schools all in against breast cancer (Kent County Times 10/7/14)
Annual 5K walk remembers tragic loss (Kent County Times 10/5/14)
Almeida: Coventry schools will be future ready (Kent County Times 9/29/14)
Open houses give parents hands-on look (Kent County Times 9/25/14)
School district ready to commit to technology (Kent County Times 9/24/14)
Coventry opens up to parents (Kent County Times 9/16/14)
Feels like summer, but back to school (Kent County Times 8/28/14)
Stamp of Approval (Kent County Times 8/27/14)
Chromebooks delivered, distributed to Coventry students (Kent County Times 8/23/14)
Teachers, SRP took pay cuts to save programs (Kent County Times 8/16/14)
Coventry doing things differently in summer school program this year (Kent County Times 7/22/14)
All-Day K: On The Way? (Kent County Times 7/9/17)
See Ya Next Year! (Kent County Times 6/21/14)
Award-winning posters pay tribute to life lost too soon (Kent County Times 6/21/14)
Stop & Shop rewards Coventry schools (Kent County Times 6/10/14)
Chromebooks approved unanimously for Coventry students (Kent County Times 4/16/14)
CTA helps with college (Kent County Times 4/10/14)
Almeida dispels rumors (Kent County Times 4/4/14)
BOYD policy approved in Cov. schools (Kent County Times 3/14/14)
Almeida: 'We are at the point of fiscal crisis (Kent County Times 2/26/14)
Space issues in Coventry (Kent County Times 2/22/14)
Unanimous vote approves bid for laptops (Kent County Times 2/12/14)
Standards for science out to prepare kids (Kent County Times 2/5/14)
Picking up the slack in Coventry (Kent County Times 2/3/14)
Every Kid a Computer: the Future of Valley Education? (Kent County Times 1/31/14)
Chromebooks Could Be First Step in Plans Process (Kent County Times 1/29/14)
Wireless grant should help Coventry schools (Kent County Times 1/20/14)
Coventry Schools to Host 2nd Annual Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony ( 1/2/13)
Almeida: Schools could need $1.6M more (Kent County Times 12/13/13)
Schools get $325,000 for Reliable Internet (Kent County Times 12/10/13)
Coventry has eyes on Prize (Kent County Times 11/25/13)
NECAP Science results have Coventry above average (Kent County Times)
Strategic Plan in Place, Implementation Begins (Kent County Times 9/18/13)
Back to School (Kent County Times 8/29/13)
District schools fixed up in time for the first day (Kent County Times 8/29/13)
Building Committee Tours Bonded School Improvement Projects ( 8/29/13))
New Special Ed. Director in Coventry (Kent County Times 8/10/13)
TA recognized for 25 years of service in Coventry Schools ( 8/8/13)
Coventry CARES keeps kids in town (Kent County Times 6/28/13)
Coventry Schools Rank on Low End of Absenteeism Study ( 6/6/13)
Coventry CAREs for students (Kent County Times 5/23/13)
School Department to Embark on Alternative High School Program ( 5/22/13)
School Officials Share Plans for Oak Haven Early Learning Center ( 4/1/13)
School Officials Present NECAP Results ( 3/15/13)
Coventry to Participate in RI Reading of 'Is Your Hair Made of Donuts ( 3/9/13)
Coventry School Administration asks for more (Kent County Times 2/28/13)
Coventry Officials Present School Safety and Security Plans ( 2/1/13)
Safety Committee Presents Plans to Parents (Kent County Times 2/1/13)
School District to Organize Aid for Coventry Military Families ( 1/11/13)
Taking Action (Kent County Times 1/9/13)
Coventry School District Safety & Security Committee ( 1/4/13)
Coventry Super Proposes Laptops for Test Prep (Kent County Times 12/28/12)
Coventry Welcomes a Kotter (Kent County Times 12/21/12)
Teachers stressed over new RIDE tool (Kent County Times 12/1/12)
SRP Picketers Greet Council (Kent County Times 11/28/12)
Super switch in Coventry (Kent County Times 9/29/12)
Coventry Schools will hold appreciation week (Kent County Times 9/29/12)
School Committee Recognizes Support Staff ( 9/27/12)
New system in Coventry could help teachers reach more pupils (Kent County Times 9/17/12)
Back to School: Coventry Students Return to the Classroom (Kent County Times 8/30/12)
Committee Approves Homework, Grading Policies ( 8/30/12)
Coventry honors its 2012 Teacher of the Year (Kent County Times 8/28/13)
D'Aleno Named 2012-2013 Teacher of the Year ( 8/27/2012)
Letter: Thank You to Principal Hobin and Coventry Educators ( 8/23/12)
Coventry Changing District's Homework Policy (Kent County Times 8/22/12)
Committee Hears Elementary, High School Homework Policy Presentations ( 8/16/12)
Coventry introduces three new principals (Kent County Times 8/10/12)
Coventry Welcomes Three New Principals ( 8/8/12)
Return of Assistant Superintendent Duo Causes Optimism (Kent County Times 7/27/12)
Two New School Assistant Superintendents Appointed ( 7/20/12)
Public Education Foundation Presents Four Grant Awards ( 6/21/12)
Coventry to Participate in Certificate Pilot Program ( 6/20/12)
Coventry School Committee Adopts FY13 Budget ( 3/5/12)
School Committee Reviews NECAP Results; Introduces Teen Dating Violence Policy ( 3/1/12)
New plan for public schools throughout district drafted (Kent County Times 12/5/11)
Coventry Athletic Hall of Fame approved (Kent County Times 11/29/11)
Coventry elementary schools receive gift from CPEF (Kent County Times 11/19/11)
BCI checks for school volunteers (Kent County Times 11/7/11)
Coventry schools reflect on 9/11 (Kent County Times 9/10/11)
Rain doesn't stop school (Kent County Times 9/8/11)
Coventry schools begin on Tuesday (Kent County Times 9/5/11)
Cov. evaluation system marks one year (Kent County Times 8/1/11)
Coventry teachers learn about technology (Coventry Courier July 2011)
Coventry teachers learn about technology (Kent County Times 7/18/11)
Coventry schools adjust volunteer policy (Kent County Times 7/4/11)
Coventry Teachers' Alliance Scholarship Presentation gives $80,000 in awards (Kent County Times 4/30/11)
Visual Arts program introduces students to all elements of reading (Kent County Times 4/28/11)
National Autism Awareness Month (Kent County Times 4/16/11)
Coventry Schools celebrate Wellness Week 2011 (Kent County Times 3/23/11)
Irish step dancers perform for school children (Kent County Times 3/18/11)
Looking back - the year in review (Kent County Times 12/30/10)
Coventry students return to school (Kent County Times 9/1/10)
School year just days away (Kent County Times 8/27/10)
Well, well, well ... it feels good! (Kent County Times 5/15/10)
Schools look to grant writer for help (Kent County Times 4/5/10)
'No one right answer' the beauty of art (Kent County Times 3/23/10)
Coventry chooses new superintendent (Kent County Times 3/4/10)
Students improve on state test (Kent County Times 2/20/10)
R.I. teachers express concern over proposed evaluations (The Providence Journal 10/14/09)
Commissioner visits local schools (Kent County Times 10/7/09)
School Committee tours elementary schools (Kent County Times 9/27/09)
Coventry schools update goals (Kent County Times 9/2/09)
Students nervous, excited to be back (Kent County Times 9/1/09)
Education official addresses teachers (Kent County Times 8/31/09)
Coventry kids fitness overachievers (Kent County Times 7/5/09)
DiPietro takes Chinese lesson (Kent County Times 5/4)
Schools team up to tackle autism (Kent County Times 5/1)
CTA awards $74,000 in scholarships (Kent County Times 4/9/09)
Coventry schools come out above benchmarks (Kent County Times 2/4/09)
Taking a minute to take it all in (Kent County Times 1/20/09)
Art show premieres in Coventry (Kent County Times 11/13/08)
School dept. offers parents pointers (Kent County Times 10/8/08)
Lessons serve students and the community (Kent County Times 3/29/07)
Test scores produce smiles (The Providence Journal 3/16/07)
Area schools among best on the test (The Providence Journal 9/27/06)
Teachers yesterday, students today (Kent County Times 8/30/06)
Coventry Oakers Class of 2006: Into the great, wide open (Coventry Courier 6/24/06)
Schools showcase next generation of artists (Kent County Times 6/06/06)
Coventry schools look over past year's accomplishments (Kent County Times 5/31/06)
Schools fare well on standardized tests (The Providence Journal 5/04/06)
Coventry superintendent unveils new graduation requirements (Kent County Times 5/01/06)
Coventry students make the grade (Coventry Courier 4/22/06)
Coventry schools showcase fruits of their service learning grants (Kent County Times 4/03/06)
Coventry students honored for Service Learning Projects (Coventry Courier 4/01/06)

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