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Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry
Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry

Students get their hands on science (Kent County Times 2/17/18)
They're Unified (Kent County Times 12/4/17)
Great Teachers (Kent County Times 6/23/17)
Middle school principal to leave position (Kent County Times 6/1/17)
Instant Success (Kent County Times 5/12/17)
Fit for a 'King' (Kent County Times)
ASFMS hosts career and tech fair (Kent County Times 11/22/16)
Middle schooler becomes rep for PTSA at ASFMS (Kent County Times 11/17/16)
Students get hands dirty in Garden Club (Kent County Times 11/11/16)
Welcome Wagon at FMS (Kent County Times 8/26/16)
Summer Steps Get Started (Kent County Times 6/18/16)
Ready to Step Up (Kent County Times 6/14/16)
A Truly Special Sendoff (Kent County Times 6/6/16)
For Feinstein's Albrecht, honor is humbling (Kent County Times 6/4/16)
Some Gave All (Kent County Times 5/30/16)
High School Musical at FMS (Kent County Times 3/2/16)
Books Against Bullies (Kent County Times 2/2/16)
Robotics Rewarded at FMS (Kent County Times 12/24/15)
Code no secret to FMS students (Kent County Times 12/15/15)
Real Bread Winners at Feinstein (Kent County Times 12/9/15)
Feinstein MS students show they've got sole (Kent County Times 12/7/15)
Feinstein Squared (Kent County Times 11/24/15)
Tribute to Service (Kent County Times 11/10/15)
Lisi honored for commitment to FMS guidance (11/4/15)
NAACP head schools FMS students (Kent County Times 10/14/15)
Feinstein PTSA in nation's top class (Kent County Times 9/21/15)
Paon honored as Teacher of the Year (Kent County Times 6/27/15)
Summer starts in Coventry (Kent County Times 6/27/15)
Feinstein continuing with NextGen personalized learning initiative (Kent County Times 5/19/15)
Pair of Feinstein students earns state awards (Kent County Times 5/18/15)
Singing in the springtime (Kent County Times 5/16/15)
Feinstein club lets students be themselves (Kent County Times 5/12/15)
Team, teacher recognized for their efforts (Kent County Times 5/4/15)
Feinstein student fights for animals (Kent County Times 5/1/15)
Reed and Robo-Kids (Kent County Times 4/23/15)
Falcons Flying (Kent County Times)
Reading 'Otten'-T Be a Chore (Kent County Times 4/7/15)
FMS students benefit others with blankets (Kent County Times 4/6/15)
FMS selected for initiative (Kent County Times 3/26/15)
Beauty and the Beast at FMS (Kent County Times 3/7/15)
Falcon Pride Gets Call Back (Kent County Times 2/16/15)
FMS's Estey feels good about 'B' (Kent County Times 2/11/15)
Feinstein students win anti-bullying contest (Kent County Times 2/10/15)
Feinstein students testing to see where RI ranks (Kent County Times 2/7/15)
Singing Songs of Potential (Kent County Times 1/28/15)
RI Museum of Work and Culture strives to include visitors of all abilities (Projo 12/22/14)
Robots invade FMS (Kent County Times 12/16/14)
Tiny robot teaches ASFMS students how to code (Projo 12/15/14)
FMS says thanks with sweet treats (Kent County Times 12/9/14)
Feinstein Students Clean Up Knotty Oak Cemetery (Kent County Times 10/25/14)
Pink Out Day successful at Feinstein MS (Kent County Times 10/11/14)
FMS moves on to second phase of grant (Kent  County Times 9/27/14)
Accelerated Classes (Kent County Times 9/19/14)
Feinstein hosts startup event tonight (Kent County Times 8/21/14)
Planting a new year (Kent County Times 8/12/14)
FMS student has homeless in RI backs (7/14/14)
Bettez ready to help lead at Feinstein (Kent County Times 7/12/14)
New Assistant Principal named at Feinstein MS (Kent County Times 7/10/14)
Pasta for Poverty (Kent County Times 5/24/13)
Walking the Walk (Kent County Times 5/22/14)
Doodle Earns FMS Student Big Chance (Kent County Times 5/1/14)
Coventry girl is Doodle 4 Google's state winner (Channel 12 News 4/29/14)
Coventry student finalist in Doodle4Google competition ( 4/29/14)
Robot Block Party ( 4/5/14)
Planetarium Rolls Into Feinstein (Kent County Times 3/20/14)
Local School Brings Broadway to Coventry with Annie Jr. ( 2/18/14)
Hard Knock Life (Kent County Times 2/17/14)
Robo-Competitors (Kent County Times 1/13/14)
Livin' the Dream (Kent County Times 12/14/13)
Kevin Robinson, 10 Time 'X Games' Medalist to Visit ASFMS Students ( 12/12/13))
FMS looks for grant (Kent County Times 12/11/13)
FMS food drive gets a special visitor (Kent County Times 12/4/13)
Justin Howman receives Golden Apple Award (Kent County Times 9/26/13)
New ASFMS Principal Appointed by School Committee ( 7/28/13)
Students Transform Desolate Courtyard Into Whimsical Outdoor Classroom ( 7/9/13)
ASFMS Hosts 2013 Athletic Awards Night (Patch 6/6/13)
My Favorite Teacher winner chosen (WPRI Rhode Show 4/25/13)
Girl's essay earns teacher a state award (Kent County Times 4/8/13)
Charity basketball game at ASFMS pits cops, teachers (Kent County Times 3/12/13)
ASFMS Students Recognized as Published Poets ( 1/28/13)
ASFMS Students Win Lego Robot Programming Award ( 1/18/13))
Good Deeds Don't Go Unnoticed (Kent County Times 12/24/12)
Middle School on a Mission (Kent County Times 1/17/13)
ASFMS Admins Make Good on Promise to Students ( 12/21/12)
Coventry Students Chosen for All-State Ensembles ( 12/19/12)
Lego Legends (Kent County Times 12/5/12)
Anti-Cyber Bullying Presentation - Parents See Behind the Screen (Kent County Times 11/30/12)
Doggy Bags Back Again (Kent County Times 8/1/12)
ASFMS Holds Athletic Awards Night ( 6/4/12)
FMS' LeBrun named Counselor of the Year (Kent County Times 5/24/12)
Radical Robots (Kent County Times 5/24/12)
LeBrun Named RI School Counselor of the Year ( 5/21/12)
ASMS Grading and Homework Policy Update Presented ( 5/11/12)
Council Recognizes Student Achievement ( 4/25/12)
Feinstein MS students hit it big, get published (Coventry Courier 2/10/12)
Testing Their Metal (Coventry Courier 2/10/12)
All About 'Bots (Kent County Times 2/9/12)
Sixth Grade Students at Feinstein Middle School are Published Authors ( 2/9/12)
Feinstein Students' Good Deeds to Benefit the RISPCA ( 2/7/12)
Feinstein Middle School poets hit big time (Kent County Times 2/6/12)
Feinstein Middle School collects 'Jeans for Teens' ( 2/3/12)  
ASFMS to Host Military Awareness Night ( 2/1/12)  
Alan Shawn Feinstein Visits Namesake School to Celebrate Food Collection ( 1/28/12)  
Educators recognized at ASFMS ( 1/5/12)   
Struggling students at ASFMS given more routes to success ( 9/27/11)   
Middle School Officials Present Pilot Program; Committee Praises Opening of Schools ( 9/16/11)   
Local teacher organizes pet food drive (Kent County Times 8/3/11)   
Middle School tours URI (Kent County Times 4/13/11)   
Coventry and West Warwick students learn valuable lessons in robotics (Kent County Times 1/29/11)   
ASFMS Robotics Team at the Roger Williams University Challenge (Kent County Times 1/18/11)   
RI Educators Take on Bullies (Providence Journal 12/5/10)   
ASFMS S.A.V.E. participates in Third Eye Conference ( 2010)    
Bio Blitz nets nearly 1,000 species (Block Island Times 6/20/10)   
Students take a trip through history (Kent County Times 6/15/10)   
Teacher helps kids S.A.V.E. the world (Kent County Times 5/29/10)   
Coventry students take up challenge of Conimicut cleanup (Warwick Beacon 5/20/10)   
A greener middle school (Kent County Times 4/30/10)   
ASFMS stands out at conference (Kent County Times 4/27/10)   
A new day to inspire a new way (Kent County Times 4/22/10)   
Cov. principle singled out for honor (Kent County Times 3/25/10)   
Middle school earns 49k in reading (Kent County Times 2/16/10)   
Bus helps life skills students achieve (Kent County Times 2/7/10)   
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to them (Kent County Times 1/29/10)   
CHS higher-up is moving to ASFMS (Kent County Times 1/18/10)   
Bank manager helps 'Read to Feed' at Cov. middle school (Kent County Times 12/10/09)   
Students go on reading spree (Kent County Times 11/27/09)   
Violence is not the answer at ASFMS (Kent County Times 11/17/09)   
Globetrotting social studies teacher shows students world (Kent County Times 10/09/09)   
Students work to S.A.V.E. schools (Kent County Times 9/28/09)   
Coventry names its top teacher (Kent County Times 9/21/09)   
Students align to spread message of hope (Kent County Times 6/9/09)   
Big strides for robotics team (Kent County Times 5/22/09)   
S.A.V.E. program lauded nationally (Kent County Times 5/11/09)   
Color her tickled pink (Kent County Times 4/1/09)   
Students taking some extra steps (Kent County Times 12/18/08)   
Sapphire Team holds pancake breakfast fundraiser (Kent County Times 11/15/2008)   
School comm. gets the good, the bad and the ugly from Coventry students (Kent County Times 11/7/08)    
Middle School students share, learn at 'Third Eye Training Conference' (Kent County Times 11/3/08)    
Anthony Ferro awarded Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year 2008 (Kent County Times 10/6/08)    
Coventry social studies teacher hopes his Korea visit will pay dividends for his students      (The Providence Journal 6/26/08)    
Teachers, parents working to better curriculum (Kent County Times 1/28/07)    
Coventry eighth-graders put on a show (Kent County Times 12/10/07)    
Venerable West Warwick graveyard Neglected no more (The Providence Journal 11/30/07)    
Panthers Team Applebee's Breakfast Fundraiser (Kent County Times 10/07)    
FMS pioneering new program (Kent County Times 10/22/07)    
Feinstein Middle School makes debut (Providence Journal 8/30/07)     
Knotty Oak musicians earn awards (Kent County Times 6/18/07)    
Taylor Therrien - YCWA Youth of the Year 2007 (Youth Crime Watch of America 6/6/07)    
S.A.V.E./YCW at Knotty Oak Middle School takes on vandalism (Youth Crime Watch of America 6/6/07)    
Knotty Oak school teachers re-gift Wal-Mart donations (Coventry Courier 5/18/07)    
Kids' robots get things moving (Kent County Times 5/16/07)    
Fair to showcase students' robots (Kent County Times 5/4/07)    
Vandalism opponent named Youth of the Year (Kent County Times 4/13/07)    
Students encouraged to focus on hometown (Providence Journal 4/4/07)    
Knotty Oak student group receives $60,000 grant (Coventry Courier 3/23/07)     
Project Links Classrooms, Community (Providence Journal 3/23/07)    
KOMS students to present at National Youth Crime Watch Conference (2007)    
It's time for all of us to stand up against vandalism (Kent County Times 2007)    
Growing divide between rich and poor in state (Coventry Courier Letter to Editor 12/08/06)    
Students show political savvy with mock election (Coventry Courier 11/16/06)    
Students 'mock' electoral process (Kent County Times 11/06/06)    
Students Learn Value of the Bill of Rights (Kent County Times 9/18/06)    
Wal-Mart opens in Coventry: Charlie Blanchette gets grant money (Kent County Times 10/18/06)    
Friends find hope in ravaged New Orleans (East Bay Newspapers 8/31/06)    
8th Grade: Class of 2010 (The Providence Journal 6/25/06)    
Scholastic Journalism Competition (The Providence Journal 6/06/06)    
Family Matters: Home proves a solid base for 4 middle schoolers (The Providence Journal 6/04/06)    
Knotty Oak students find inspiration -- and heroes -- close to home (Kent County Times 5/23/06)    
Worries of grades, future during academic crunch time (The Providence Journal 4/16/06)    
Knotty Oak students roll out presentations for National History Day (Kent County Times 3/27/06)    
Students at Knotty Oak 'Take a Stand in History' (Coventry Courier 2006)    
Knotty Oak is 'Spotlight School'  (Coventry Courier 3/04/06)    
'Rocking out' in gym class (Kent County Times 2/18/06)    
Knotty Oak students are all 'heart' (Kent County Times 2/14/06)    
"Improving Your Community" (Middle Level Learning January/February 2006)    
New England League of Middle Schools Spotlight School Award 2005 (N.E.L.M.S. 2005)    
Who Better to Take the Long View? (The Providence Journal 2005)    
Seventh Grade Planners Have Ideas for Coventry (Kent County Times 2005)    
Seventh Grade Planners (Kent County Times 12/16/05)    
Edwatch by Julia Steiny: Get over passive learning (The Providence Journal 10/9/05)

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