In the News Celebrating Our Membership's Achievements

Western Coventry Elementary
Western Coventry Elementary

Western Coventry Elementary School given commended status by RIDE (Kent County Times 10/24/17)
Building Bots (Kent County Times 4/3/17)
Green Teamers (Kent County Times 5/12/16)
Grant brings Chromebooks to Western Coventry (Kent County Times 12//14/13)
Western Coventry Students Win Technology Grant, Participate in Coding Event ( 12/10/13)
Western Coventry Kindergartener Wins School Mascot Contest ( 11/7/12)
New principal ready to tackle W. Coventry (Kent County Times 6/9/13)
Western Coventry School Welcomes New Principal ( 6/4/13)
Turning Pages for Profit (Kent County Times 10/23/12)
Local Orthodontist Awards $1,000 to Western Coventry School ( 10/24/12) 
Western Coventry School Holds Night of the Arts ( 5/25/12)   
Big Things at Western Coventry (Kent County Times 3/26/12)
Alan Shawn Feinstein rewards Western Coventry for Food Drive results ( 12/7/11)
Western Coventry Elementary snags prize a third time (Kent County Times 11/4/11)
Reading month concludes with special guest in Western Coventry School (Kent County Times 6/3/11)
Young authors night at Western Coventry ( April 2011)
Reading Week at Western Coventry Elementary (Kent County Times 4/30/11)
Summer reading challenge brings reward to students (Kent County Times 11/15/10)
Mollis gives Coventry students backstage tour of State House (Kent County Times 6/18/10)
Amgen honors Coventry teacher, Kristen Deschene (Kent County Times 5/29/10)
They're off to see the wizard and they hope you are too (Kent County Times 5/4/10)
Coventry science teacher surprised in award ceremony (Kent County Times 4/20/10)
'When you give you get back' (Kent County Times 1/27/10)
School putting talent on display (Kent County Times 3/28/09)
Coventry has its own cabbage patch kid (Kent County Times 11/25/08)
Community comes together for Harvest Festival (Kent County Times 10/23/08)
Western Coventry wins EDS grant (The Providence Journal 5/20/08)
School presented battle flag (The Providence Journal 9/19/07)
School runs Tomorrow Fund's most successful fundraisers yet (Kent County Times 6/8/07)
For these kids, Christmas is an art (Kent County Times 12/22/06)
Young constitutional scholars benefit from gift (Kent County Times 10/30/06)
Grant helps inspire kids at Western Coventry (Kent County Times 6/12/06)
Talent show was a delight (Kent County Times 5/1/06)
Dressing the part for Career Day (Kent County Times 4/18/06)
Coventry School District's Teacher of the Year - Lori LeBrun! (Kent County Times 11/02/05)

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