In the News Celebrating Our Membership's Achievements

Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School of Coventry
Hopkins Hill Elementary

Hopkins Hill students start food pantry (Kent County Times 2/19/18)
Hopkins Hill feeds families for Thanksgiving (Kent County Times 11/25/17)
Hopkins Hill teacher named top art educator (Kent County Times 9/18/17)
Board approves before school program at Hopkins Hill (Kent County Times 8/31/17)
Hopkins Hill school looks to implement AM program (Kent County Times 8/3/17)
Class Cut-Ups (Kent County Times 4/28/17)
Snakes on a principal (Kent County Times 3/31/17)
Hopkins Hill helps out with 'Good Deeds' program (Kent County Times 12/20/16)
Looking Forward to Staying After (Kent County Times 6/2/16)
Dog Days Come Early (Kent County Times 3/29/31)
21st Century Learning (Kent County Times 2/10/16)
A real page turner at Hopkins Hill (Kent County Times 12/5/15)
A Story With Science (Kent County Times 11/23/15)
Opening Up at Hopkins Hill (Kent County Times 9/11/15)
Summer programs coming to HHES (Kent County Times 7/14/15)
Bringing Dragons to School (Kent County Times 4/20/15)
Reading: Into It (Kent County Times 4/16/15)
Biomes visits Hopkins Hill Elementary (Kent County Times 3/16/15)
Proud to Wear Pajamas (Kent County Times 3/16/15)
Hopkins Hill reads all month (Kent County Times 3/14/15)
A Real Hemendinger (Kent County Times 3/9/15)
Don't Sleep on These Kids (Kent County Times 2/26/15)
Hopkins Hill students giving good nights (Kent County Times 2/17/15)
Early Deadline (Kent County Times 2/11/15)
Sock it to me! (Kent County Times 11/1/14)
HHFD helps local students feel safe (Kent County Times 10/29/14)
Earth Day Every Day (Kent County Times 5/31/14)
Going for the Goat (Kent County Times 4/21/14)
Hopkins Hill Principal Honored: Rookie of the Year (Kent County Times 3/5/14)
A Helping Hand (Kent County Times 1/24/14)
Hopkins Hill Students Meet Sam and His 'Nose for Explosives' ( 1/13/14)
Former WWE Wrestler Visits Hopkins Hill, Spreads Anti-Bullying Awareness ( 12/4/13)
Reading Into the Holidays (Kent County Times 11/29/13)
Hopkins Hill School Debuts New Sign at Dedication Ceremony ( 11/8/13)
A Horse at Hopkins Hill (Kent County Times 10/26/13)
Hopkins Hill takes part in International Walk Day (Kent County Times 10/17/13)
Hopkins Hill Students Explore Literature, Poetry During Reading Week ( 5/6/13)
Hopkins Hill Students Collect Pennies for Patients ( 4/8/13)
Hopkins Hill Celebrates Walk to School Day ( 10/9/12)
Take a Walk (Kent County Times 10/8/12)
Hopkins Hill kids helping out (Kent County Times 3/5/12)
Hopkins Hill faculty noticing many positive change in students (Kent County Times 2/18/12)
Hopkins Hill Receives $2K Art Award (Kent County Times 12/18/12)
Students were given a chance to bust some moves while learning important life lessons ( 1/17/12)
Hopkins Hill dedicates new playground shade structure ( 11/17/11)
Community works together to build shade structure (Kent County Times 11/10/11)
Hopkins Hill students walk to school (Kent County Times 10/8/11)
Hopkins Hill celebrates International Walk to School Day ( 10/5/11)
Students get excited about positive behavior (Kent County Times 9/15/11)
Hopkins Hill students make cards to cheer the troops (Kent County Times 5/21/11)
Students make and donate blankets to Project Linus (Kent County Times 4/9/11)
Hopkins Hill makes math fun (Kent County Times 2/16/11)
Kids help provide blanket comfort (Kent County Times 6/22/10)
Well, well, well... it feels good (Kent County Times Spring 2010)
The Storyteller (Kent County Times 1/29/10)
Hopkins Hill kids help Haiti (Kent County Times 1/26/10)
New principal takes helm at Hopkins Hill Elementary (Kent County Times 9/18/09)
Kids warm to idea of building blankets (Kent County Times 6/8/09)
Hopkins Hill kids get patriotic (Kent County Times 5/23/09)
Hopkins Hill schoolchildren install their peace art piece (Kent County Times 9/24/08)
Lighthearted story, somber theme for schoolchildren (The Providence Journal 5/23/08)
Coventry goes back to school (Coventry Courier 8/31/07)
Hopkins Hill kids show they're glad to be 'Born in the U.S.A.'  (Kent County Times 6/5/07)

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