Is Wal-Mart Good for Coventry?
Coventry Teachers' Alliance

Wal-Mart is the twentieth-largest economy in the world. (Source) Yet, the most common job at Wal-Mart, the Sales Associate, pays under the Federal Poverty Level (Source) Wal-Mart is also vehemently against unionization of its workforce, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to combat worker organization, such as an "Anti-Union Hotline" for managers.
Think for a moment: Why are teacher benefits and salaries constantly under attack? If the tide of labor compensation is being pulled down by a low wage mega-corporation like Wal-Mart, equitable and livable teacher wages seem high in comparison. What's good for our community?: Livable wages and benefits for working families or cheap prices from imported goods from "sweatshop" economies, like China? ( Wal-Mart imported $18 billion in goods from China in 2004)
What's in your future? Is it worth shopping and supporting Wal-Mart?


Helpful Websites to Inform Yourself

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price Movie
(See your CTA Union Representative about borrowing the DVD - Movie Flyer)

Wal-Mart Employee Training Anti-Union Video

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