Debunking the Media Myths

Our Goal: The purpose of this section is to offer another perspective to the one-sided debate in our most popular RI papers, magazines, TV, Internet, etc. As anyone knows there are many sides to every story, yet only one side usually gets presented by our media. We hope to provide the resources and arguments you need to endure and combat the constant teacher bashing that appears so frequently in our media. Read with an open mind. *Understand that this section is a work in progress. More pages and content will be added over time. If you have a suggestion or something you would like to post to help this effort, please send an EMAIL.

Topic Essays:

Why Does the News Love to Bash Teachers? (Our Corporate Owned Media)

Why Can't Public Education be Run Like a Business?

Are Teachers Really Overpaid?

How do we REALLY elevate student performance and success? (Fixing the community first - the socioeconomic factor)

Letters to the Editor and More by our Members:

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Growing divide between rich and poor in state (Coventry Courier 12/6/06 - by Ted Mitchell)

Response to Steiny's H.S. Dropout Editorial (3/26/06 Kelly Erinakes - CTA President)

Education Partnership's Hypocrisy (Kent County Times Spring 2005 - by Ted Mitchell)

Restoring the Balance of Power: How RI Corporations have been Miseducating Taxpayers (Working RI 4/13/05 - by Ted Mitchell)

Schools cannot be run as businesses (Kent County Times - 4/17/04)

No Evidence to Support the 7-Hours School Day (Kent County Times - Spring 2004)